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Enhance Your Commercial Property With Gorgeous Signage

Connect with our signage company in Phoenix AZ

Stand Out With Artistic Signage

Upgrade your property with custom sign solutions in Phoenix, AZ

Eye-catching signage can make your business stand out. With help from Lit Sign Design, you can get commercial signs that rise above the rest. We're a signage company that creates custom sign solutions for business owners in Phoenix, AZ. We pride ourselves on designing all kinds of unique, customized signage, including lobby signs, wayfinding signs and specialty LED signs. Our team of knowledgeable designers can turn your custom signage vision into a reality.

If you want to begin designing custom sign solutions for your property, call 623-200-6364 today.

Our Mission

Elevating Environments with Exquisite Signage

In collaboration with local artists, we craft exquisite illuminated business signage that elevates brand awareness and fosters meaningful engagement.

Our Vision

Forging Profound Connections between Artists, Businesses and their Customers

We will be the driving force behind a world where artists use our innovative illuminated business signage as their canvas, creating cherished works of art that evoke powerful emotions and forge profound connections between businesses and their customers.

Our Happy Clients

We have worked with Rick for several years, doing events. He created beautiful signs with our corporate logo, helped us create event signage and logo, and created stunning awards for our participants. He even created the most amazing event badges! He is very professional, always responsive to the company's needs/wants, extremely creative and always delivers on time!

Add an Artistic Flair to Your Building

See what our designers can craft for you

What sets us apart?

Our signage company goes above and beyond to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our work. In addition to our unmatched craftsmanship, our clients choose us because...

  • We offer free quotes on our work

  • We have years of industry experience

  • We give our clients total design freedom


We'd love to have the opportunity to work with you on your custom signage project. Let us know what we can do for you by reaching out to our team.

custom led sign

Striving for Excellence With Every Project

We go above and beyond to provide an incredible finished product

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